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Adventures with Pixel

Introducing Pixel: the story behind my digital teddy bear concept. Many of you might be wondering, 'Why teddy bears?' It's a question even my wife has asked. Through all the abandoned places I've explored, the image of a pristine, cheerful teddy bear in these forgotten spaces struck me as beautifully incongruous. It adds a touch of warmth and whimsy to these otherwise solemn settings. Pixel, our digital teddy bear, was born from this idea. He's a symbol of friendliness and nostalgia, breathing new life into each place we visit. We've captured countless selfies without him in these eerie, abandoned locales, holding onto these images for years. It was a puzzle, figuring out how to share these adventures until the concept of Pixel crystallized. These creations aren't just fun to make; they're a part of our journey, a blending of the past with a playful present. I hope you enjoy these snapshots of Pixel's adventures as much as we enjoy bringing them to life.

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