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Touro Shakspeare

A recent visit to Touro reveals it has become way more dilapidated. The city had put up an 8 ft. fence sometime in 2020 or maybe 2019, but that has been ravaged with easy access once again from many points. 

The incredible but dilapidated Touro-Shakspeare Home, built in 1927 on New Or­leans’ West Bank, has been vacant since incurring damage during Hurricane Katrina. -

The first iteration of what became the Touro-Shakspeare almshouse was located in By­water, established by philanthropist Judah Touro to house the city’s elderly poor. This tower­ing Gothic structure, designed by William Alfred Freret, Jr., was completed in 1862 but was lost to a fire only three years later while acting as a federal base for Union soldiers and as a shelter for emancipated African Americans.    Preservation Resource  Center of New Orleans              Video Walk through:

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