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Furniture in the Attic

I have zero information on this house. It is in the swamps of Louisiana. It is old. At one time it appears to have been a business of some kind. All of the furniture that looked like filled the 'home', was all in the attic. We're talking early 1900's furniture, maybe older. It's so close to a major water source, the floors are covered in silt from when the water rises. We found this place because we know of a church from the late 1800's that's somewhere in the area. We didn't find it this day, but we now know where it is. The water has risen with so much rain as of late we can't get to it. As soon as we do, I will update this post with a link to those photos.

**UPDATE: The church has apparently torm down. Unfortunate! Well anyway, @exploringwithagility made a video of this house. Check it out: Abandone Southern Home w/Belingings

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