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The Auditorium

In the heart of rural Mississippi lies a tapestry of old Americana, where time-worn businesses whisper stories of yesteryears and streets echo with memories from days gone by. Among these tales was one of an abandoned school, which I had explored several times alongside my daughter and our Krewe. Its quiet dignity amidst decay told of generations who walked its halls, of dreams fostered and hopes kindled.

Recently, word reached me that this treasured relic had been razed. Hesitant to accept this bitter truth, I ventured once again to that familiar spot, hoping against hope that the rumors were misguided. Yet, as the town greeted me, with its quaint row of businesses, some thriving and others gasping for breath, the looming absence of the school weighed heavily.

A turn by the tracks, and the landscape transformed. Where the noble structure once stood, there was now a vast expanse filled with activity and change. The stark contrast was jarring – the once silent sentinel of history now reduced to mere rubble, making way for what seemed to be an upcoming warehouse.

Grief washed over me. Yet, with it came a resolve to capture this moment of transition. My drone took to the skies, capturing a bird's-eye view of the profound transformation. Remnants of the past clung desperately to their place: faded handicap parking spaces, a lingering section of the fence, a gate left ajar as if seeking solace.

The houses on the side street, which once peered at the school's facade, now bore witness to relentless progress. But, in their silent vigil, they too reminded us of the importance of preserving memories, even as we forge ahead.

Progress is inevitable. Yet, as we usher in the new, it is essential that we don't forget the stories and lessons embedded in the old. The Mississippi schoolhouse might have been reduced to memories, but its spirit lives on in the photographs captured, stories recounted, and the hearts that remember.


We made another trip to this school & this time the gym was open! The floor is in bad shape. The rest of the school is starting to go downhill. Still there is very little vandalism. Probably because it is so rural, no one knows it’s there.


This old school is one of the most preserved to date. There isn't any graffiti, hardly any vandalism & could be saved for something useful. There isn't much out there on its history, but from what I could find, the school administration was at the center of controversy.

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