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Church Bell

Every now & then there's that moment at 4:00 A.M. when your eyes pop open because you know there is an amazing explore just waiting for you. That's what happened here. I knew of this church, but had never been to it before. I got up & got dressed for work & then drove straight to this church. It was cold, raining & still dark. On entering the church, you could hear the bats. I went on in. There isn't anything left in the church, at all! I took some shots in the dark & waited for the sun to come up while being buzzed by bats the whole time. The drone went to work even though it was raining...and it was an anamazing shot! I'm going back during better weather!

UPDATE: I was able to make a second trip! This time my daughter was with me & she got some shots as well. The place is in about the same condition as last time. Only the last piece of furniture, an office chair, is now missing. There were fewer bats too. We only saw two.

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