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Pleasant Valley

I was keeping this location secret originally. Because of the couple who came to check on what I was doing at the church. They wanted to make sure I wasn't there to ransack or steal anything. When they saw my camera gear, they preceded to give me a tour. They showed me the founding pastor's grave site as well as his little brother's. We spoke a little longer & they left to walk in the field. I watched them for awhile. They were holding hands, talking & just enjoying each other's company. In the orginal set of pics at the bottom, you can see them in the last picture.

Collection Plates

First Visit

There are a lot of abandoned & forgotten churches in the Mississippi Delta, but not this one. I'd been shooting for about 15 minutes when a car pulled up. Now, here I am miles & miles from anything, in the middle of a field & I became concerned about myself. Turns out, George & his wife were coming by to make sure I wasn't a looter. He then gave me a tour of the cemetery pointing out his family members & especially his baby brother. He also showed me the founding pastor's grave & where the new church is. We said our goodbyes & I watched as George & his wife took an evening stroll along the field's edge. Picture is below.

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