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Depot Creek

I was at lunch in Lucedale & really couldn't find anu=ything to explore. I happened upon this park & straight away it seemed to have potantial. The pavillion looks like it may kept up, but the walkway over the water wasn't in good shape. I am not sure if it was damaged due to flooding or it is being neglected.


This property is located within the Lucedale City Limits, and is an integral part of the ongoing Lucedale Greenway Program, a bold initiative by Mayor Dayton Whites and other community leaders to provide open space for aesthetics, water quality enhancement, flood control, wildlife, and public recreation and education.

Originally, the landscape was a Bayhead Swamp habitat. Although the hydrology was previously altered from impoundment, this freshwater wetland provides improved water quality and habitat for flora and fauna. Other significant community functions for this site include scenic green space and recreational activities such as fishing and hiking. A handicap-accessible boardwalk and ground level trails were constructed to provide local residents with exercise, bird watching, fishing, and educational opportunities.

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