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Enid, Mississippi

Tucked away in the heart of town, the two churches that once stood as beacons of community and solace have succumbed to the ravages of time and neglect. The town itself seems to echo this sense of faded glory, with the churches serving as poignant reminders of a more vibrant past. On our last visit, the silence that hung about their dilapidated frames was a stark contrast to the lively worship they once contained.

Just across the tracks, however, the Enid Depot offers a stark juxtaposition to this narrative of decline. What was once an old general store has been repurposed with a sense of rustic charm into a restaurant that buzzes with life and warmth. Its owner speaks passionately of plans to weave the old with the new. His ambition to establish a 501(c)(3) nonprofit is a glimmer of hope for the old churches. Through this endeavor, he aims to marshal the collective efforts and finances of those who still believe in the soul of the town. The vision is to not only save the physical structures but to resurrect the spirit of unity and purpose they once embodied, fostering a renaissance of the town's historical and spiritual landmarks.

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