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Eros, Louisiana

The Tremont Lumber company founded Eros, in the early 20th century. Mrs. Mary Collins, née Nash (wife of Samuel Collins) suggested that the sawmill boomtown be named after the 433 Eros Asteroid (discovered in 1898). Eros served as a center point for a number of small surrounding communities, such as Hog Hair, Jumping Vernon, Indian Village, Salem Guyton, Flat Creek, Head Settlement, Vernon, Fuller Town, and Bug Tussle. Most children in these communities were sent to study at the Eros school, and citizens would normally receive their mail through rural mail coming from Eros. Box suppers would be held for various causes, making Eros a social center.

Naturally by 1920, the town became the largest in the Jackson Parish, with "a thousand residents, having a post office, three hotels, a newspaper, a company commissary, three doctors, a drug store, three churches, a jail, a bank, its own telephone exchange and Jackson Parish's first high school with six hundred pupils". A cyclone though devastated the town in 1920, destroying the sawmill. The sawmill was rebuilt, but yet again in 1926 a fire burned it to the ground. After that, the mill company felt that most of the timber had been harvested anyway, and moved their center of operation to Olla, Louisiana. Only a few hundred citizens stayed to maintain the town. ~ Wikipedia

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