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Straw Men

Nestled in the heart of Alabama, the school we discovered stands as a poignant relic of times gone by, its silence echoing with the ghosts of laughter and learning that once filled its halls. Closed since December 20th, 2002, it seems as though its inhabitants simply vanished, leaving for the Christmas break with no inkling they wouldn't return. Inside, the desolation is profound, yet there's a vivid burst of life in the form of doors painted in bright primary colors, stark contrasts to the otherwise muted palette of decay. The auditorium, stripped of its seating, now slopes emptily towards a stage that houses an eerie assembly of straw men. These figures, whether remnants of a forgotten play or tokens of a haunted house, stand guard over the silence. While most doors and windows have been sealed with boards in a futile attempt to lock out the passage of time, others remain defiantly open or have disappeared altogether, offering a glimpse into the abandoned heart of the school. It's a place where the past lingers, frozen in time, a stark reminder of the transience of human endeavor.

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