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Forgotten Farewells

Nestled in the heart of rural Alabama lies an eerie remnant of the past: an abandoned funeral home, now a ghostly shell of its former self. This once solemn place of farewell has succumbed to the ravages of time and neglect, with part of its structure having partially collapsed. Inside, the air is thick with the dust of forgotten years, and scattered throughout are remnants of its somber purpose - coffins, once carefully chosen, now lie strewn haphazardly, untouched since the building was forsaken.

In the back, the garage, which has also succumbed to decay, holds a haunting sight. A hearse, a silent witness to countless final journeys, sits with its back door tragically open. From it, a casket has spilled onto the ground, half-emerging into the light, a stark reminder of the unfulfilled promises of eternal rest.

Above this scene of desolation, the upstairs portion tells a different story. Here, the family who once ran the funeral home lived, their personal space a stark contrast to the business below. Despite the abandonment, traces of their daily life still linger, like echoes of a bygone era, now fading into the annals of rural Alabama's history. This forsaken funeral home stands as a haunting monument to a past that is slowly being reclaimed by nature.

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