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Hotel of Yesteryear

This hotel and buildings is a historic hotel complex in Tennessee. It was rebuilt in the 1890s, surrounded by original 1860 cottages. It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The main hotel building was erected in the 1890s by Matt F. Allen on the site of a former hotel built by Emanuel Kreider in 1849. The first hotel burned down in the late 1880s, but thirteen cottages dating back to 1860 survived the fire. The hotel complex was acquired by W. C. West and A. E. Beard in 1908, and they closed it down in 1917.

While I was outside getting some shots I was approached by Catherine & her beautiful dog. She said I should have had permission from the owner who lives next door. I apologized & from the direction I came, I didn't see any No Trespassing signs. I thought since it was on the National Register of Historic Places, that is was open for exploration. On the way out where she parked, there was a No Trespassing sign, but it was very old & folded over. I said I would definitely seek out permission if I ever came back.

Watch this relaxing video & take a tour inside.

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