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Old Forgoten Sugar Mill

Who knew?! This was a Canadian-American Sugar Refining Company. This appeals to my own heritage. They chartered the Kenilworth Warehousing Company to run it. All I have been able to find on the internet is this 1916 article from The Louisiana Planter and Sugar Manufacturer newspaper. The place was a lot larger than I had anticipated. Most of the structures are gone, but the large concrete ones remain along with one really tall stack & a what I think was referred to as a clarifier. Not nearly as tall, but it cycled the sugar down in a cone that lead to a tank. A portable tank I believe. 

Step into the captivating world of Lykins Films' newest book - In the murky depths of Louisiana's swamp, the intrepid Krewe of Explorers embarks on a daring quest into an abandoned sugar mill. As they delve deeper into the crumbling structure, they encounter an eerie presence—a ghostly figure from the past, whispering untold tales of sorrow and mystery.

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