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If all of the pine trees have been cut down, can it still be called the Pines Motel? Below are three of the reviews from Google Maps...

2 years ago
The folks running this place are truly good people. They offered me food on Easter in case I hadn't eaten. I'm traveling the US on bicycle and this was by far, my FAVORITE place I've stayed. No nonsense awesome lodgings. I can't say enough good things about this motel!

2 years ago
I was in a room with a toilet that didn't flush properly. This place is so heavily dated its not even funny or endearing. Good if you need to get off the road bc you cant stay awake. Otherwise, pass.

a year ago
The family who runs this place are all SO KIND ! VERY WELCOMING, ACCOMMODATING !! No frills, and if you are bougie, you may not appreciate it here, but that's your loss! There's nothing fancy, but if you like a safe, quiet, and family friendly environment, this is the spot! Great FAMILY!! I cannot stress this enough! THANK YOU PINES INN!!!!! 💗 (Also, to the other reviewers who are complaining of "bugs" , I would just like to remind everyone you're in the rural south, on the Mississippi River Delta. Bugshapoen.get over it! There's no bed bugs or anything like that, so why are y'all blaming these wonderful folks for mother nature? Petty!)
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