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In the murky depths of the Louisiana swamp, the intrepid Krewe of Explorers embarks on a daring quest into an abandoned sugar mill. As they delve deeper into the crumbling structure, they encounter an eerie presence-a ghostly figure from the past, whispering untold tales or sorrow and mystery.

Shadows of the Mill

SKU: 001
  •  Immerse yourself in the thrilling expedition led by Jason Lykins in his premier book series, unveiling the untold mysteries of the Southern relics. Join the intrepid Krewe of Discovery as they traverse the historical tapestry woven from New Orleans to Alabama. Embark on an unforgettable journey with the Krewe, unraveling layers of the past right at the heart of the locales themselves. Prepare to be ensnared by a vortex of adventure and historical revelations. Step into their shoes, bear witness to history being unearthed, and become an integral part of their grand exploration. With every page turned, feel the thrill of a new revelation - just as the Krewe does. The past is waiting to be discovered - are you ready?

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