Radio Station of Yesteryear

This old radio station looks a lot better from the outside than it does on the inside. By far. It was built in 1929 modelled after a Philco radio. In the 70's the addition of a production studio was added to the front of the building. The power meter is still installed, but it wasn't moving a bit. I think it's dangerous it's still there. Nothing on the inside is possibly using electricity. It appears it was intended for for the two motion detectors & speaker alarm. The subfloor that collapsed fell onto the romex running throughout. Anyway, lots of old equipment remains. Including an Associated Press Teletype. WhenI left, I hopped into the car & noticed a lot of black dots on my pants. At first I thought it was the stuff that comes off of weeds you almost always walk through when exploring. Until, I noticed they were moving. They were fleas! The place either inside or out is infested! I probably looked like an idiot from the road as I threw myself from the car and stripped off what I could without getting arrested. Anyway, it was still a cool place.