Radio Station of Yesteryear - WJDX

Update: We stopped by recently & the new owner was there. He'd just bought it & plans on tearing down the studio that was added on back in the 70's. It's in really bad shape anyway. He said he's thinking about turning the old building into an apartment. We suggested an Air BnB. The original building, the one that looks like an old Philco radio, was the transmission station. The actual studio was at the Lamar Life, now Standard Life, building downtown. This was Mississippi's second radio station, but Jackson's first. It began broadcasting in 1929. The first radio station in Mississippi operated out of Vicksburg, 44 miles due west of Jackson. WQBC was an AM broadcasting station licensed on 1420 kHz on October 24, 1927.

This old radio station looks a lot better from the outside than it does on the inside. By far. It was built in 1929 modelled after a Philco radio. In the 70's the addition of a production studio was added to the front of the building. The power meter is still installed, but it wasn't moving a bit. I think it's dangerous it's still there. Nothing on the inside is possibly using electricity. It appears it was intended for for the two motion detectors & speaker alarm. The subfloor that collapsed fell onto the romex running throughout. Anyway, lots of old equipment remains. Including an Associated Press Teletype. WhenI left, I hopped into the car & noticed a lot of black dots on my pants. At first I thought it was the stuff that comes off of weeds you almost always walk through when exploring. Until, I noticed they were moving. They were fleas! The place either inside or out is infested! I probably looked like an idiot from the road as I threw myself from the car and stripped off what I could without getting arrested. Anyway, it was still a cool place.