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Rocky Springs

While journeying along the Natchez Trace, I stumbled upon the remnants of an ancient town, now reduced to nothing more than its church. Named Rocky Springs, this town emerged in the 1790s, thriving around a lively spring. However, in a twist of fate, the spring ceased to flow, leading to the town's eventual disappearance.

Called "the Rocky Spring" by early travelers, the town later became Rocky Springs, a rural community covering about 25 square miles. Settlement of the area began in the late 1790's and continued until about 1860, reaching a peak of approximately 2600 people. Several businesses were established at different times, among them carpenters, wheelwrights, a well digger, cabinet makers, a cotton gin maker and blacksmiths. By the mid-1800's there was also a church, post office, a Masonic Lodge, and possibly a school. ~ National Parks Service

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