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Southern Club

Owner was Lionel (Chic) Vidrine- Cecil Doyle played there in the band Madison Fog- rail around the stage- David Greely remembers $2 bill bets at Bouree, Fats Domino Sept 29, 1961.

Included in Emily Ardoin’s 2014 thesis “Fais do-do to ‘Hippy Ti-Yo’: Dance Halls of South Louisiana”: “The Southern Club is located on Highway 190 to the west of Opelousas and primarily featured swamp pop music. It was built in 1949 and opened as the Southern Club in 1953 and closed in 1996. It featured a restaurant and gambling room. The building is of a frame construction, has a front gabled asphalt shingle roof, a scalloped parapet, and has a concrete pier foundation. The dance floor is constructed of wood strips and the ceiling is acoustic tile. There is a seperate bar in another room other than the one that contains the dance floor. Mostly unaltered. Alterations have been maintenance related: Roof shingles replaced in 1993; wood shakes on primary fac_ade removed in 1990s. Shingles on parapet and neon sign were replaced once, probably in 1960s. Original canopy over porch was damaged and replaced in early 1980s. Some auxiliary spaces were altered over time (pool table room opened and telephone booth in bar space relocated). The National Registry nomination is in progress- the owners hope to restore and reopen.” ~ Louisiana Dancehalls

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