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Susie B. Law House

It's unfortunate, but Susie B Law House has been reduced to ashes. Amidst the remnants, I sifted through the charred debris, finding traces of its former glory like ornate bricks, bathroom fixtures, and door knobs. Puzzlingly, the four primary columns that once supported the upper balcony are undamaged, lying off to the side.


This was actually my third trip here. This time I brought my best exploring partner. I'm glad I did, because it has now partially collapsed. We'll check in on it again in a couple of years. Some one has been inside & has used power equipment to remove the columns from the living room. It has been much more ransacked than my previous visit.

Overlooking Lake Washington, the Susie B. Law House is believed to have been built from a Sears home kit. Covered in vines and overgrowth, the deteriorating home is rapidly returning to nature. Though the state of the home is heartbreaking, it’s actually drawn some attention. Two movies, "Haunted" and "Dark House," have been filmed at the Susie B. Law House.  ~

Final Visit

Trip 2

Trip 1

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