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Teddy Bears

Introducing Pixel: the story behind my digital teddy bear concept. Many of you might be wondering, 'Why teddy bears?'


The forgotten hallways of the abandoned school in Oakland, Mississippi, stood as silent as they had when we last wandered through them in 2017.

Churches of Enid

Tucked away in the heart of town, the two churches that once stood as beacons of community and solace have succumbed to the ravages of time and neglect.

Power Street Revival

Coming in November...

Vanishing Legacy: A Final Ode to the Abandoned Mississippi Schoolhouse

In the heart of rural Mississippi lies a tapestry of old Americana, where time-worn businesses whisper stories of yesteryears and streets echo with memories from days gone by. Among these tales was one of an abandoned school, which I had explored several times alongside my daughter and our Krewe.

Forgotten Infirmary

Despite its unassuming exterior, the building retains almost all its contents from its days as an operational hospital.

Wild Turkey

In a quiet corner of Louisiana stands the remnants of the Bayou Gas Stop, now swallowed by nature's embrace.

Ross Van Ness

Located near Eudora in Chicot County, Arkansas, the Ross Van Ness School—also known as the Ross Van Ness-Wellington Landing Rosenwald School—stands as a testament to the dedication to education during the era of segregation in the southern United States.

Hallowed Halls

From a distance, the building looms like a sleeping giant, its vastness evident even to casual observers. But as one ventures inside, the true scale of this abandoned hospital unveils itself in staggering detail.

Surgical Lights

In the heart of Mississippi, amid sprawling hills and magnolia trees, lies the remnants of a once-thriving small-town hospital.

Movie Posters

Tucked away in the woods of rural Mississippi stands a house with a unique touch: rooms adorned with movie posters, including "The Waterboy."

Mount Holly

Mount Holly revisit.

Lykins Films

Documenting the abandoned & forgotten before it's gone.

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