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China Grove

China Grove Methodist Church in Tylertown, Mississippi, is a historic gem dating back to 1854.


I made a third trip recently and was surprised the remaining structures were still there.

Red Velvet

I was passing by what I thought might be an abandoned church...


I recently explored a house that was like stepping into a Coca-Cola treasure trove.

Fink's Mill

Many years ago, grist mills played a pivotal role in most communities, serving as essential hubs where local farmers would bring their corn or grains to be ground, either for sale or personal use.

China Dolls

Hidden away in the depths of rural Alabama, veiled by a lush curtain of azalea bushes, stood a house that whispered tales of yesteryears.

Straw Men

Nestled in the heart of Alabama, the school we discovered stands as a poignant relic of times gone by, its silence echoing with the ghosts of laughter and learning that once filled its halls.

Immaculate Heart

Our Lady of Fatima Church, located on Bay Bridge Road in Mobile, Alabama, stood as a beacon of faith and community spirit since its foundation in 1948.

Manchester Mill Ruins

The Manchester Mill Ruins in Lithia Springs, Georgia, are the remnants of a textile mill that dates back to the 19th century.

Morris Brown College

Founded in 1881 by the African Methodist Episcopal Church, Morris Brown College is notable for being one of the first institutions of higher education in Georgia to be owned and operated by African Americans.

Forgotten Farewells

Nestled in the heart of rural Alabama lies an eerie remnant of the past: an abandoned funeral home, now a ghostly shell of its former self.

Decayed Grandeur

In the heart of Union Springs, Alabama, stands a testament to architectural grandeur of a bygone era — a stately house that masterfully blends the Greek Revival and Italianate styles.

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