Arkansa Gem

On my way to an abandoned school, this gem caught my eye.


This Joy Theatre (the 2nd with that name in town) was opened on November 23, 1949 with Anne Baxter in “You’re My Everything”. It was closed on May 18, 1980 with Pam Grier in “Foxy Brown” & “Lips and McCain”. ~ Cinema Treasures

Old High School

This old school has been shuttered for awhile & it is one of two major schools closed down in this same town.

Union Baptist

Nothing out there to tell us much about this church. It looks like it has been abandoned for a long time. I suspect the roof will cave in completely very soon.The sign out front has faired better than the church itself.

Miller's Chapel

I was on my way to another spot when I passed by this gem. Nearly everything needed to conduct service is still inside.

West Louisiana Prison Farm

On the opposite side of the parish is an untouched prison farm complete with a law library.

Sonny Boy Williamson II

Alex or Aleck Miller (originally Ford, possibly December 5, 1912 – May 24, 1965), known later in his career as Sonny Boy Williamson, was an American blues harmonica player, singer and songwriter.

The Blue Bedroom

From what I have been able to find, this house (7,000 sq. ft. mansion) sits in this condition because of an unfaithful marriage.

Eutaw, Alabama

Eutaw was laid out in December 1838 at the time that Greene County voters chose to relocate the county seat from Erie, which was located on the Black Warrior River. It was incorporated by an act of the state legislature on January 2, 1841.

Pines Motel

If all of the pine trees have been cut down, can it still be called the Pines Motel? Here are three of the reviews from Google Maps...

Memorial Hospital

Although 19th District Judge Don Johnson this week sided with attorneys representing patients as well as HPL employees concerning Senate Concurrent Resolution 48 of the 2014 legislative session, the main issues still to be resolved pertain to money.


I recently revisited Morrow Elementary in Louisiana. I was devastated to see the gym had burned. It was the best part of the school. Everything else had been gutted & emptied out. I am happy I got to document it when I did.


As this was historically a center of agriculture since the antebellum years, producing cotton and pecans, Tallulah and the parish have long had majority-African American populations. The small city is now nearly 77 percent African American; the surrounding parish is 60 percent black. Mechanization and industrial agriculture have reduced the number of jobs, and many residents have moved since the mid-20th century to larger cities with more opportunities.



Louisiana Prison Farm

Prison Farm Official Indicted In Louisiana 'Hot Box' Deaths

No Longer Standing Series

No Longer Standing Series

Cars Galore

Cars Galore

Hotel of Yesteryear

Hotel of Yesteryear

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