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Forgotten Infirmary

Despite its unassuming exterior, the building retains almost all its contents from its days as an operational hospital.

Wild Turkey

In a quiet corner of Louisiana stands the remnants of the Bayou Gas Stop, now swallowed by nature's embrace.

Ross Van Ness

Located near Eudora in Chicot County, Arkansas, the Ross Van Ness School—also known as the Ross Van Ness-Wellington Landing Rosenwald School—stands as a testament to the dedication to education during the era of segregation in the southern United States.

Hallowed Halls

From a distance, the building looms like a sleeping giant, its vastness evident even to casual observers. But as one ventures inside, the true scale of this abandoned hospital unveils itself in staggering detail.

Surgical Lights

In the heart of Louisiana, amid sprawling bayous and cypress trees, lies the remnants of a once-thriving small-town hospital.

Movie Posters

Tucked away in the woods of rural Mississippi stands a house with a unique touch: rooms adorned with movie posters, including "The Waterboy."

Mount Holly

Mount Holly revisit.

Susie B. Law

It's unfortunate, but Susie B. Law House has been reduced to ashes.

Ferrill's Coin Laundry

Ferrill's Coin Laundry, a forgotten relic of the past, remains an untold story in the annals of history.

BC Market

Once a bustling hub of convenience nestled on the outskirts of the community, the abandoned convenience store now stands as a solemn reminder of its former glory.

Mt. Israel

Under an overcast sky, our path meandered toward Rodney, Mississippi, when an alluring sight emerged just off the dirt road.

Shadows of the Mill

Step into the captivating world of Jason Lykins' newest book - In the murky depths of Louisiana's swamp, the intrepid Krewe of Explorers embarks on a daring quest into an abandoned sugar mill. As they delve deeper into the crumbling structure, they encounter an eerie presence—a ghostly figure from the past, whispering untold tales of sorrow and mystery.

Lykins Films

Documenting the abandoned & forgotten before it's gone.

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