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Moss Point

Loitering in & around Moss Ponint & Pascagoula, I stumbled across this pier & magnificent Round Island Light House.

Girl's Prison

This once girl's reform school was closed due to the Finger of God.

White Castle

When I discovered a label on Google Maps, I never thought this church was actually still there...

Abandoned Funeral Home

In rural Louisiana is a former family funeral home lost to fire.

Fun House

This once school house has more recently been used as a haunted house.

The Auditorium

This school is in pretty good shape considering it's age. No graffiti & hardly any vandalism.

Mount Pilgrim

Mount Pilgrim Missionary Baptist Church - Organized in 1895. The first church served as both a school & a church for this community.

The Attic

A house sits in the Lousiana swamp just rotting away.All of the house's contents are in the attic.

Rodney Presbyterian Church

In the year 1828, the Legislature of Mississippi granted a charter to the portion of Bethel Congregation worshipping in Rodney, Jefferson County, MS. Steps to erect the present brick church in Rodney were taken in 1829 with dedication on January 1, 1832.

Bryce Hospital

The last patient was transferred out in 2014. Built in 1861 Bryce Hospital was an architectural model.

Memorial Mound

Former mausoleum in Alabama had 8 bodies left to decay inside at one time.

The Gong Co.

While wandering around downtown Merigold, Mississippi, I ran into Ben who was cleaning out the Gong Co. He let me in for a second to see the old grocery store still stocked with merchandise.

Lykins Films

Mostly documenting the abandoned & forgotten before it's gone.

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